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A social group that networks, made up of small business owners who get together bi-weekly to promote and market their business with the emphasis being to help each other grow.

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We enjoy each other’s company and encourage you to see what we are all about, who we are, and what we do.

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In addition to regular meetings, we host a number of educational and social activities throughout the year.

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We are a social networking group

North Pittsburgh Networking provides business category exclusivity to its members. Each category is represented by one member and their business.
Each member is given opportunity throughout the year to present to the group what they do, share what is new in their category, and field questions and suggestions from the group.
Members pay quarterly dues to cover meeting costs, which includes a dinner, and for other events held throughout the year.
The group meets bi-weekly at: Giovanni's - 3385 Babcock Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
The meetings start with a Happy Half Our Meet and Greet at 5:30pm with the meeting beginning at 6:00pm. Agenda consists of old & new business, member presentation and a small meal is provided.
In addition to regular meetings, NPBX hosts a number of educational and social activities throughout the year. These events give members and guests an opportunity to network outside of the traditional business setting.

I have been in the group almost 18 years and I am very happy with the results through the years. Since I am a "numbers" guy, I look at it this way - if there are 12 members and every one knows 250 people, that's 3,000 potential contacts that I most likely would never have gotten to by myself. Imagine the value of that kind of marketing for your business. And we all learned in Business 101, there is nothing as welcome as a referral.

Pete Schramm

Two years ago my husband and I were invited to learn more about this group. We both joined after the first meeting. Since then we have built lasting professional and personal relationships with group members, their families, and through their referrals. NPBX is truly a Social Group that Networks. The meetings every 2 weeks allows us to get to know each other, and produces a natural referral exchange. The "Happy Half Hour" prior to the meeting lets us catch up, before sitting down to a light dinner together. I look forward to our meetings.

Sara Hammel

North Pittsburgh Business Exchange is an excellent group of business owners and sales consultants. The group not only is my extra sales force out in the community but a room full of experts in their fields to provide advise. The atmosphere is relaxed and exchange of referrals and business is occurring consistently. I recommend coming for a visit to assess if this group of individuals will work for you to grow your business.

Janet Woloszyk

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